Painting with Words
Workshop Painting with Words
Bezinningscentrum Emmaus te Helvoirt (2016)

Painting with Words inspired by the live, works and believe of Vincent van Gogh. Welcome in Van Gogh's countryside!
Tijdens de World conference of The Order of St. Luke, the Physician schrijven en kleuren 6 Engelstaligen en 5 Nederlandstaligen creatief.

We wrote about the meaning of Vincent's name, his landscape pain-tings, the call of God in his life, dignity in all things, the power of the sun and the mysterious clouds, commitment to his tasks & family and the ordinary men, his sense of being a stranger on earth, his gifts to us.

'This workshop drew out the creative images of my mind that I usually keep hidden. I was surprised that it went so deeply inside
and I liked the ideas I heard from others.' • 'I enjoyed this workshop because it challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and experience completely new things.' Alyson  'Thought provoking and stimulating. I liked the way that we were taken on a journey through van Gogh's life. Thank you!' • 'I enjoyed this class, because Trudy helped us to look outside the square as Van Gogh did.' Jenny • 'I liked the sharing and caring in my group and the use of my mind different.' • 'I enjoyed this workshop for it stimulated my thoughts and forced me to put them on paper! Trudy did a great job! Rosaria
It was surprising simple that in a few moments we were revealing some deeply held thoughts and Trudy led us directly into what mattered.
I enjoyed hearing what others wrote in response to the same questions. I felt very alive and creative at the same time. Vielen Dank! Karen

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